Pumpkittens GameFi brings NFT farming to Fantom. Collectors can also Breed to earn, Hold to earn, Win to earn and Play to earn Pumpkittens Gold.

GameFi features will be developed and deployed to Pumpkinland in a timely manner.

You can’t enter Pumpkinland without a Kitten and a magic-ticket, which adds incredible value to the Kittens in all the NFT collections regardless of their rarity. Each Kitten will have a designated Province - OG Pumpkittens can join any province. You will need to get a magic ticket to enter Pumpkinland - OG Pumpkittens get the ticket for 50% less price.

For the other Kittens, there will be a predesignated province (As you can see there are differently themed Provinces and different Kittens - for example AncienKittens are from Sacred Island; BitKittens are from Gecko Town, etc.) But after joining Pumpkinland they can work their way up to higher levels, and depending on the seniority they may or may-not be able to freely move around like OGs.)

If you’re wondering about Pumpkinland provinces, here’s some Provincial details ;)

Rainbow Island: Hanging in the sky, happiest place

Zealander City: The golden city, rich and ambitious Pumpkittens are from here

Battlehare ~ The mountain of the brave, most fights happen here.

Carnival Town: Fun & crazy province of Pumpkin land

Gecko Town: All the techies and geeks of BitKittens are from here

Poweroth: Land of shrewd leaders

Karmic Village: The place where AncienKittens are born

Sacred Island: Hard to reach, Ancien's land - secrets, treasures.

Seastrom: Known for the beaches and partying.

These are the 9 Provinces of the magical, secret Pumpkinland that’s living under Earth.

Province counsels are created by the Pumpkittens community. Forming a province counsel is the first step to start earning. This will be like a community driven program. You can create a tribe, each tribe must have a Super Rarity Pumpkitten to lead and a minimum of 20 Kittens to form a counsel and there will be maximum number of Kittens (OGs and normal kittens) allowed in each Provinces. You will also need at least 50 Pumpkinland landlords (Pumpkinland NFTs) to form each community for the 9 provinces.

The wealth of Pumpkinland is distributed and exchanged through Pumpkittens Gold (PKN).

What about people who don't have a Kitten? How can they be a part of Pumpkittens GameFi?

There are two places in Pumpkinland that people who don't have a Kitten can enter. One is the Gameland, where they can participate in lucky games (by paying for games in PKN) to win Kittens. Second place is the Pumpkinland Market where they can purchase a Kitten (listed by members and platform to sell).

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