Acquiring & Raising New Kittens

Breed to earn with NFT farming

If you are eligible to acquire a new Kitten, you will be gifted with a new Jr. Kitten whom you can raise for 30 days to make into a full Kitten.

Jr. Kittens will be more or less like a namesake NFT. You would still see a Jr Kitten in your wallet but without traits or much details. It will just mean you have got one and you will also have unique nft token. When you raise them for 30 days (30 transactions in 24 hours intervals each, just the way you do adventure in rarity) you will be eligible to acquire a brand new, surprise Kitten - given to you in random. It could belong to one of the other Kittens groups except OGs. These will be new and unique and randomly generated to you. Will have similar traits and all the same privileges of any other Kittens in the GameFi. It could be a BitKitten, an AncienKitten or a Daemon Kitten or any other Kitten in the Pumpkinland depends on the luck of yours with the Pumpkinverse.

In technical terms, after the 30th day you initiate a transaction sending your JR nft token to the contract and it will mint you a new Kitten. The JR nft token gets back to the Pumkinverse to serve others.

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