MexiTails, the First Project

Welcome to the first project of Fantoon Launchpad, let's dive into some amazing Mexican craft and fairytales.

About MexiTails

The Aztec gods are back. After many centuries of watching humanity be disgraced, they decided to come to help humans in these desperate times with the help of the technology of the blockchain and the super speed of Fantom.

The Aztec gods realized that Fantom was the option to make their next creation…The Mexican Tails! These beautiful creatures came to light to accompany you in your day-to-day life, giving hope and prosperity to Fantom. Each one is unique and has its peculiar characteristics. Each one will have a mission in this life by your side...always under the supervision of their gods.

This OG collection is based on 300 high-quality, handmade NFTs. Of these, 21 are ultra-rare MexiTail Gods. There are 9 different attributes for the MexiTails. Once the minting is over, you’ll be able to claim your free, handmade, physical MexiTail based on your digital one, helping local Mexican manufacturers. The 300 collection includes female and male characters that, in the future, will be able to breed baby MexiTails for the Pumpkinverse. Maybe, just maybe, MexiGods will give you some very good extra features!

The MexiTails were inspired by our graphic artist’s dog, Betito. He is a 21-year-old Chihuahua born in Puebla, Mexico. He loves chicken and going out. He is now an old man but a very lovely one.

The MexiTails are a taste of Mexican culture for Fantom by Fantoon. We wanted to bring some new things to the Fantom NFT universe with these colorful Mexican-themed MexiTails.

Cool Stuff:

For each MexiTail that you purchase, you will receive a FREE physical MexiTail made by Sheila, a very talented artist from San Miguel here in Mexico.

You will also be part of Pumpkinverse! Maybe, in the future, you will get a free mint for the project that will follow.

Minting details will be announced shortly in our discord. JOIN US HERE for more details.

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