Fantoon NFT Launchpad

Fantoon is a much expanded and elaborated idea of the Pumpkinland marketplace; it was intended to be small but became its own platform in order to support up-and-coming NFT artists and creators.

Being a community-centric project is at the heart of the Pumpkittens ecosystem. The core concept of Fantoon is for creators and the community to help each other. Creators need a community to launch their projects, showcase their talent, and promote their NFTs: Fantoon makes it not only possible but also makes it vastly easier and simpler.

Fantoon is a platform for upcoming NFT artists and creators - the community (of 1000s of members) will launch their projects providing everything they need:

  • Independent minting

  • Their own NFT tokens (unlike the existing platforms)

  • The community will support and market (because it's mutually beneficial), which will be the biggest advantage for any creator to launch on Fantoon

Simply by being on Fantoon project founders already have a success multiplier ... an instant market opened for them with a big army to promote them, perhaps even pre-sold out the very moment they announce their projects.

The projects launched on Fantoon will have no relation to the GameFi aspect of Pumpkittens as this is a separate project. Where they do connect, however, is Fantoom’s connection to the Pumpkittens project because 50% of the total mint amount revenue from each project will be shared with all the Kittens holders. This 50% is shared in the following proportions: 30% of it to Super Rarity Kittens, 60% to all the other Kittens, and 10% to Diamonds Holders.

Here’s an example of how the revenue share might work. Please note: these are not guaranteed numbers, it’s just an example (done by Chernobyll)

Let’s assume project A decides to launch on Fatoon. They have a supply of 3,000 and the mint price is 100 FTM. Total revenue of the project: 300,000 FTM

50% of that goes to Kitten Holders and some portion to Diamond holders. Here’s a breakdown of numbers hypothetically.

Fantoon Revenue from Project A: 150,000 FTM

30% goes to SR Kittens: 45,000 FTM

Assuming there are 100 SR kitten holders in the pumpkinverse, revenue per holder will be : 450 FTM.

60% goes to ALL Kitten holders: 90,000 FTM

Assuming there are 1100 Kitten holders (excluding Super rare ones), revenue per holder will be: Approx 80 FTM

10% goes to Diamond Holders: 15,000 FTM

Here the revenue depends on the total Diamond supply which we will know after the LGE.

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