Welcome to Pumpkittens!

Welcome to Pumpkittens GameFi! The first NFT project that introduced collectors revenue sharing model and NFT farming on Fantom.

Pumpkittens are the OG magical kittens who live in Pumpkinland, a secret magical world under Earth that’s also home for BitKittens, AncienKittens & all the Juniors. Pumpkinverse provides for all who live in this secret world with PKN Gold.

What is Pumpkittens NFT?

Pumpkittens is an NFT project where OG Pumpkittens (collectors of the first NFT drop on the platform) get 50% of the revenue from all the future NFT drops. These OG Pumpkittens will also play a significant role in the Pumpkittens GameFi ecosystem. The proposed GameFi, Pumpkinland will have 9 provinces and OG Pumpkittens will lead the province counsels for each along with the other Kittens such as BitKittens, AncienKittens, DaemonKittens and etc. The GameFi will have a revenue sharing model for both the landlords and kittens living in Pumpkinland - in Pumpkittens Gold (PKN).

What is the proposed GameFi?

Pumpkittens GameFi is a place where all the Kittens can start earning Pumpkittens Gold. There will be NFT farming, Breed to earn, Play to earn, Win to earn and Hold to earn models. All earnings are provided in Pumpkittens Gold. The GameFi will launch after the Pumpkittens Gold LGE with SpiritSwap.

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