Introducing Diamonds
Diamonds are one of kind, truly special and super rare gems associated mainly with Fantoon, Pumpkittens community's very own NFT launchpad.
Diamonds are rare gems; everybody knows that, but within our ecosystem, Diamonds are even more rare and special.
Why Diamonds are such a special asset?
1: 10% of the initial-mint-share of projects launching on Fantoon (10% of the 50% of the total mint - please refer Fantoon for more details) goes to the holders of Diamonds.
2: 100% of platform fees, of Fantoon, yes 100% (there will be 1% platform fee for all transactions on Fantoon) goes to Diamond token holders.
3: 100% of the platform royalty share (there will be a default 1% future transaction fees from secondary markets, like a royalty when they are listed on other markets like PS and etc, to every NFTs in every single project launched through Fantoon) also go to the holders of Diamond tokens.
You will need to hold a minimum of 10 Diamonds to be eligible for the above benefits.
Why Diamonds are an extremely rare asset?
Only 1M diamonds are ever created in the ecosystem. Precious for its privileges and expensive because of its demand, utility and the revenue potential.
How to get Diamonds?
There will be a fair launch LGE through which the Pumpkittens community can acquire Diamonds. This is an exclusive asset for Pumpkittens GameFi community, so you can participate only if you have at least one of the Kitten NFTs from any of our NFT collections!
During LGE you get a share of 50K Diamonds depending on the FTM you sent. But when it's added to LP, we add 40K Diamonds agains the total FTM collected; making the price of Diamonds in open market 25% higher than your LGE prices. There's limit of 5K FTM maximum and 50 FTM minimum to participate in the LGE.
The Diamonds you acquired during the LGE will be released like 25% every 30 days - to avoid those who want to flip it quickly and dump. Community decides the price; market is created by the community; it's an entirely community driven way of building a project - all the FTM sent during the LGE is added to the liquidity on SpiritSwap for Diamonds - NONE goes to the team.
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