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Pumpkittens NFT project is leading the way in the Fantom NFT ecosystem thanks to its plan to introduce the first revenue-sharing model for collectors on the network. Pumpkittens, a collection of 100 rare and unique NFTs that combine the traits of kittens and pumpkins to create one-of-a-kind digital characters.

As a way to reward early supporters as the project moves onto the next phase of its roadmap, the holders of the 100 original Pumpkittens will receive 50% of all the proceeds from future NFT projects within the Pumpkitten ecosystem, beginning with the BitKittens NFT drop in the second week of October.

Pumpkittens is also the first project on the Fantom network to offer NFT farming, which helped propel the price of Pumpkittens from 200 FTM at its launch to a current floor price of $10,000 and a market cap of more than $3 million, making it the largest NFT project in the Fantom ecosystem.

Future phases in the rollout of the Pumpkinverse (Pumpkinland universe) include the release of AncienKittens during the first week of November, Pumpittens Gold LGE in December and the release of Pumpkinland NFTs at the end of November, all of which lead up to the beta release of Pumpkittens GameFi in Q1 2022.

The Pumpkinland GameFi arena is shaping up to be the most expansive NFT ecosystem in all of cryptocurrency complete with NFT farming, the ability to breed to earn, hold to earn and participate in win to earn contests, as well as a vast array of DeFi games designed to entertain and ‘play to earn’ all who venture near.

The GameFi ecosystem will be powered by the forthcoming Pumpkitten Gold (PKN) token which will help simplify the transfer of value within the community and enable revenue sharing with OG Pumpkittens, BitKittens, AncienKittens and other junior levels via distribution of PKN to NFT holders.

To enter Pumpkinland, all one needs is one of the available Kittens and a magical Pumpkinland ticket which runs the cost of 50 PKN - Kittens and magic ticket can be purchased from the ecosystem’s NFT marketplace Pumpkinland Market.

Pumpkinland currently spans across 9 wonderful and magical provinces where users can play to earn, win to earn and breed to earn PKN and become a province counsel, or holder of Pumpkinland, which entitles them to a share of the pool of wealth that is distributed to all province counsels and Kittens.

50% of the wealth generated in the Pumpkinland ecosystem is distributed to the various Kitten token holders with different percentages being allocated to each of the original Kitten lines, and 10% of all proceeds are set aside for use in future games and contests. 40% is distributed to all land-lords (holders of Pumpkinland NFT).

There will be a total of 300 BitKittens released, 500 AncienKittens released, followed by 900 Pumpkinland NFTs to populate the Pumpkinland ecosystem and offer the most advanced GameFi experience on Fantom.

The nine secret provinces of Pumpkinland are found deep under the Earth and include:

Rainbow Island: Hanging in the sky, happiest place; Zealander City: The golden city, rich and ambitious Pumpkittens are from here; Battlehare ~ The mountain of the brave, most fights happen here; Carnival Town: Fun & crazy province of Pumpkin land; Gecko Town: All the techies and geeks of BitKittens are from here; Poweroth: Land of shrewd leaders; Karmic Village: The place where AncienKittens are born; Sacred Island: Hard to reach, Ancien's land - secrets, treasures; and Seastrom: Known for the beaches and partying.

Each Province is led by a Super Rarity Pumpkitten Tribe chief, also known as OG Pumpers. Together, they form the Tribal Council which governs the Provinces in Pumpkinland.

The unique design of Pumpkinland helps to evolve the current NFT model which relies heavily on resale as a way for holders to make a profit to one that incorporates features of decentralized finance and revenue sharing to offer all token holders a way to make a profit and maintain ownership of the NFT.

If you are ready to get in early on the next big NFT ecosystem set to dominate the landscape thanks to a community-focused revenue model and gamified ecosystem, take a trip over to Pumpkinland and grab your own OG Pumpkitten for the maximum earning experience.

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