GameFi Earning Potential

Please note that this is only a working model and not a final version.

In Pumpkittens GameFi there will mainly be 5 ways to generate revenue. NFT farming, Acquiring of new Kittens (breed to earn), Rewards from Games (play to earn), Winnings from contests (win to earn) and for holding NFTs.

There will be a monthly allocation of Pumpkittens Gold to reward the Kittens, Pumpkinland landlords and the participants of games and contests in each of the province. 40% of the monthly allocation goes to the Pumpkinland NFT holders (they will have to stake their NFTs to earn it as in farming rewards and their earnings can be claimed every week) depending on their hierarchy. There will be four different levels of landlords and their allocation from this 40% differs accordingly.

50% of the monthly allocation goes to the Kittens. 100 OG Pumpkittens will receive 10% of this allocation (in which Super Rarity kittens will have 36%). In the remaining 90% of the Pumpkittens Gold, 25% will be reserved for all the other Super Rarity Kittens and the rest will be equally distributed to all the other Kittens living on the land. Kittens need to stake their NFTs to be eligible to acquire their Pumpkittens Gold. OG Pumpkittens will have the highest revenue potential as there are only 100 OG Pumpkittens ever created.

10% of the monthly allocation to the province is reserved for games, contests etc - there could be contests and games between provinces as well :)

Acquiring new Kittens (breed to earn) To be eligible to get a new Kitten you will need either 'One PK + any other Kitten' or '3 of any Kittens'.

If you are eligible, you can commit to breed (you are staking your Kitten NFTs), and you will get a Jr. Kitten. (You will need to unstake your Kittens from Pumpkinland to do this)

You need to 'care' (a smart contract transaction) for 30 days (doesn't necessarily need to be continuous 30 days). Then it will become a normal Kitten of any kind (this is random and it will never be an OG - any other kind).

This new Kitten you have got will work just like any other Kittens (other than OGs) - you can list on the market place to sell it to others, you can use it breed new ones (like above) and so on - you can do everything that you can do with the other Kittens, with the newly acquired Kitten. You might get a BitKitten, an Ancien Kitten or any other Kittens in the Pumpkinverse, it will be random and surprise.

What is Pumpkittens Gold % allocated to each Province?

There will be a ranking system based on contract transactions, total number of Kittens and total number of games and other activities in each Province. The highest sum will get the top place and so on till the 9th place.

First place will have 20% of allocation to provinces, 14% to the second, 13, 12, 11, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5% respectively to the lower ranking provinces.

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